Environment-Friendly Packaging Supplies


  • PELASPAN BIO Loose-Fill is a 100% eco-friendly alternative to traditional packing peanuts. Unlike the regular styrofoam peanuts, Pelaspan BIO peanuts are made from a corn and potato starch mixture. It is 100% bio-degradable, and disintegrates when place in water. Pelaspan BIO peanuts are free flowing and non-static.
  • PELASPAN RECYCLED loose-fill packing peanuts are made of 100% recycled styrofoam. This environment-friendly alternative protects and cushions your items with the same strength and reliability as traditional, non-recycled packing peanuts.

Note: Any excess packaging peanuts or moving boxes that you have left over, can be dropped off at your local Box Brothers.

Kraft Paper

Environment-friendly Kraft paper is made of 100% recycled materials. It is an economical, multi-purpose packaging material. Recycled Kraft paper provides less tear and bursting strength and will break down more easily than Natural Kraft when exposed to friction or moisture. Kraft paper uses include: over-wrap, bundling, interleaving, dunnage, cushioning and unitizing.

Bubble Wrap

Astro-Bubble® Green Bubble features the same exceptional strength and cushioning properties as standard bubble wrap. Green Bubble is manufactured from recycled polyethylene resins including a minimum of 20% post-consumer waste material and a minimum of 20% post-industrial waste material content. It is lightweight, flexible, and (appropriately) colored green.

Envelopes / Padded Mailers

  • Ecolite Bubble Mailers provide outstanding low cost shipping protection for a wide variety of products. Ecolites are made from 100% recycled Golden Kraft paper with a Durabubble lining. They have the high slip lining, kraft/bubble fully laminated, and hot-melt self-seal closure. These mailers are half the weight of macerated mailers.
  • Friendly-Foam® mailers feature an 1/8" Astro-Foam® polyethylene lining for surface protection and cushioning. The light weight of these self-sealing mailers reduces postage and shipping costs. Unlike bubble, foam provides a consistent cushioning level across the mailer surface and can withstand multiple impacts.
  • Jiffylite® air cellular cushioned mailers have outstanding shipping protection for a wide range of semi-fragile, low profile items. They contain a 3/16" Barrier Bubble® layer of Bubble Wrap® material that provides maximum air retention and cushioning. The convenient self-seal closure eliminates the need for staples or tape and form a water-resistant, secure package. Fully laminated kraft and bubble construction provides stiffness and puncture resistance. The light weight of this mailer reduces shipping and postage cost. High-slip AirCap® cushioning material allows faster, easier insertion. Made from 100% recycled paper and 10% post-consumer and 10% recycled plastics.